Dressing table for bedroom

31 Mar

Once I finished the chest of drawers for our bedroom, Mis’ess requested a dressing table to be built with utter urgency. So I went back to work.

Dressing table

Used the same Ikea Numerär as for chest of drawers (1x 186x62cm), along with ironmongery and drawer front with handle. For the drawer I used Blum Tandembox profiles (full extension with Blumotion) instead of chipboard.


For the stool I thought I’d buy some cushion pad nut then I found a dirty cheap cot mattress and a blanket cover at Ikea’s clearance sale so I gave it a shot and finished the stool with full upholstery.

Finished product

Behold, admire!


List of materials

Oak kitchen board110€
Foiled MDF drawer front9€
Fasteners (bolts, screws, etc.)10€
Stool upholstery10€

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