Children’s room furniture

5 Jan

Needed furniture for children’s room. Due to room dimensions there was a need for bunk bed. Since the shorter wall had a concave apse, the upper bed had to be shorter (max. 185cm). Precut and ABS edged DTD chipboard boards were used for corpuses and CNC cut and foiled MDF boards for doors.

Bedside tables

For the drawers I went with full extension Blum Tandembox profiles with Blumotion and for drawer front I used fixing brackets with Inserta method. The lower table’s shelf has blind back to cover the electrical outlet (which will be added later below).


Cabinet doors were assembled with Blum Clip top Blumotion (integrated into hinge boss). The drawers are from 16mm chipboard utilizing Blum full extension Tandem runner system with Blumotion.

Bunk bed

For bunk bed I used slatted bed bases – harvested the wooden frame and threw out flexible slats and replaced them with the firm slats (all Ikea).

Electrical installation

I decided to include electrical outlets for bed side to utilize reading lamp (the small one, which can be switched on/off through the switch with blue orientation light) and other electrical device (charging a phone or else). The used modular system Unica Plus by Schneider I like a lot.

There was a wall outlet behind the future upper bed from which I run two wires to both night stands and covered the hole (also, I run out of wallpaper as you can see on the last picture but hey, it’s gonna be covered by the upper bed 🙂 ).


To make the upper bed sturdy and stay in place, I screwed it onto the wall with two screws. Also, all the cabinets are attached to the wall to prevent tipping if the kids come up with an idea to climb them up. To maximize the inner space I created the cabinets without back wall and covered the room’s wall with thick linenfold wallpaper instead.

Mattresses and guard railing

Ordered two spring mattresses, one standard 200x80cm and one 180x80cm. From the foiled MDF board (the same as used for doors) a cloud shaped railing was cut with a help of CNC machine.


The last part was to make the ladder for upper bed. I chose beech wood (as used for door sills) as I did not like an idea of chipboard ladder. First I thought will paint the ladder in white, but the beech matched nicely to the chipboard decor so I decided to finish it only in matte lacquer.

List of materials

ABS edged DTD chipboard757€
Foiled MDF doors and panels373€
Ironmongery (railings, hinges, braces)220€
Slatted bed bases56€
Electrical switches and outlets40€
Fasteners (bolts, screws, dowel pegs, etc.)47€
Ladder and railing70€
Paint and lacquer15€

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