Chest of drawers for bedroom

18 May

For bedroom we bought a bed from solid oak and wanted to match the chest of drawers to the bed. I found Ikea’s oak kitchen board Numerär that went nicely with the bed. I bought 2x 246x62cm and 1x 186x62cm panels. I also bought a pair of aluminum frame glass doors from Bestå series and designed the dimensions of the chest to fit the bed and doors.

Wooden frame

I’ve had the oak boards cut to exact dimensions. Since I did not have a router back then, I used a hand planer to chamfer the edges of the pieces.

Behind the scenes Show

Drawers and shelves

For drawers I used Blum full extension railings with Blumotion. The drawers are deeper than the frame, because the back part gets concealed into bed heading. Drawer fronts were delivered with handles milled and attached in place (router added to wish list 😉 ).


Since the Bestå door is designed for overlay application and I needed insert application, I had to improvise by creating custom mounting plate. The insert for the doors was cut out of the wallpaper. Tip-on mechanism required another unique element as the frame was too narrow to rest on the tip.

Electrical outlets and lamp switches

To have the switches for bedside lamps easily accessible and be able to locate in total dark, I installed electrical switches with blue orientation strip (Unica Plus by Schneider) and also outlets for charging cell phones and whatnot during night.


The plaster on our walls is really rough so it was a pain in the ass gluing the linenfold wallpaper to the wall. Had to mix a really thick glue to hold it in place.

Final images

Just a few more images to stare with envy at my genius.




List of materials

Oak kitchen boards400€
Drawer railings67€
Drawer fronts (w/ handles) and shelves106€
Aluminum doors50€
Electrical switches and outlets44€

2012-03-31 Update: there’s been a dressing table added to match the chest.

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