Hipster TV stand

8 May

Once upon a time there was a wise man who wanted to give his old plasma, which he had been having mounted on a wall, to his folks. The folks had a nice entertainment table where the TV was to be bestowed, but the wise man, since he was so wise, had misplaced kept the TV stand in secure, yet unknown place. But not all was lost, as he recovered at least the mounting legs from the void and out of a piece of an oak hundred years old created this beautiful stand.

The moral of the story Show

2 Replies to “Hipster TV stand

  1. Are those metal leg pieces just from the TV’s own original stand, stripped/separated from the plastic base? Or did you purchase those separately/what are those pieces! I’ve been looking for something similar, to connect to the original base system of the tv. Let me know, thanks.

    • Hi Sean, yes, those are the original metal legs from the stand that is bundled with the TV. I don’t believe those can be bought separately.

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