Wall of closets for bedroom

10 Nov

For the bedroom I decided to opt for a wall of closets with slide doors. Precut and ABS edged white DTD chipboard boards were used for the closet corpus and aluminum frames with Lacobel/mirror insers for sliding doors. To accord the closet with the rest of the furniture, a thin stripe made of hardwood oak floor was used in the middle.

Inner skeleton with shelves

The skeleton was made from white DTD chipboard. Since the walls were not 100% orthogonal, I did not bother with the back side and simply put some wallpaper on the wall and cut/adjusted the boards so they lineup to the walls. Plastic triangular joints were used to screw the boards together. The closet has three sections with the left one being beveled. In the middle section, four drawers will be positioned at the bottom.


The four drawers use full extension runners and I used router to cut out inserts for the bottom. Lime color for the front faces should to liven up the boring white.

Wooden frame for the sliding doors

To give the closet a nice warm touch, I created a frame from oak boards. Had to do a lot of measuring and geometry calculations to make sure the front will be planar and the doors will slide without issues. For the finish I used beeswax varnish.

Sliding doors

The doors were ordered and prefabricated from a supplier. Milky white Lacobel glass was used for the left and right door and a mirror for the center. Through the middle section there is a hardwood oak floor board inserted. Since the left door is beveled, it cannot use upper railing. Therefore there is a railing attached along the bottom of the upper shelf spanning across the left and center section. Dampers are inserted in the upper railing to close the doors smoothly and silently.

Final images

A few images of the final product. I was quite happy how the things turned out.

List of materials

ABS edged DTD chipboard254€
Ironmongery (joints, screws)20€
Oak panel boards160€
Drawer railings33€
Aluminum doors and railings556€
Hardwood oak floor boards23€

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