Make LEGO® boxes what they used to be

3 Mar

Do you remember the LEGO® boxes from the old times, when they used to have smaller and bigger compartments for all the different bricks? You could actually pull out the inner tray from the box and keep the bricks inside the tray while building the model. I’ve had a few old sets from my childhood where the box had been missing for ages. So I bought the vintage boxes from BrickLink, got some cardboard, scissors and glue and glued together a nice inner tray for the outer box.

I was so happy with the result, that after I got my own Mobile Crane MK II last year, I decided to pimp the box with various compartments and a removable tray.


I guess Lego is cutting costs (as many other companies out there) with this disposable box approach, but I would really love if they could bring back the good old durable boxes with all the compartments and transparent inlays. Please?

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